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Physical injury, temporary or permanent, caused because of wrongful conduct is referred to as personal injury. In the case of a personal injury lawsuit, the party that sustains injuries claims damages for the losses suffered and losses that he/she is likely to continue to experience because of the injury. The damages are often claimed on the basis of medical expenses incurred, wages lost, pain and suffering experienced, and disability and disfigurement sustained.

Frank Simasko, a personal injury attorney, represents clients in wrongful death and personal injury cases on a contingency basis. Clients are not required to pay any costs or attorney fees upfront. The expenses involved and fees are deducted from the compensation that attorney Simasko wins for his clients. This is to say that clients do not owe any fees until they win the case. Such an arrangement enables even average citizens to fight against insurance companies and big corporations without experiencing the hassle of paying the personal injury attorney on the basis of an hourly rate.

Simasko Law Office helps their clients to get their life back on track at the earliest if they have suffered any of the following types of personal injuries:

Wrongful Death

A person’s untimely death often causes a lot of distress for dear and near ones. It is even more distressing if the death has been caused by another person’s negligence. At Simasko Law Office, we will pursue a negotiated settlement in an aggressive manner and obtain compensation for client’s losses from all possible sources.

If the issue cannot be amicably settled, then we will file a lawsuit claiming wrongful death. We will also prepare for fighting the case in court. It is a fact that compensation does not make up for the death of the loved one, but it does provide some amount of financial support to the client and his/her family members to move ahead in life. Another reason why some clients want to pursue a wrongful death claim is because the survival of the family depended on the deceased person’s income.

Traffic Accidents

In Michigan, the main reason for the cause of automobile accidents is driver negligence, which is failure on the part of another driver to drive safely, act reasonably and/or follow the road rules.

Every driver is responsible for the safety of others on the road, including other drivers, pedestrians, passengers, cyclists and everyone else in the vicinity. Negligent drivers breach this responsibility and are therefore liable to pay damages.

Negligence of the driver may not be the cause of a car crash. Sometimes, passengers are responsible for car accidents. Local governments, businesses causing obstructions on the road, manufacturers of motor vehicles, or anyone else breaking the law or creating a dangerous condition can cause or be held liable for accidents.

Victims don’t deserve to suffer because of somebody’s negligent behavior. Accidents involve significant financial implications and severe emotional distress can negatively impact the victim’s quality of life. A serious accident often turns a victim’s life 180 degrees and even claims the life of a loved one.

Victims should be compensated for the experiences they go through and the losses they suffer. It is not possible to undo the experience, but the financial losses can be compensated.

Birth Injury

Injuries sustained by the baby prior to birth or during delivery because of the doctor’s, nurse’s, hospital’s or a healthcare provider’s carelessness or intentional acts are referred to as birth injuries. These actions may not be considered as a crime, they are considered as a civil wrong or a "tort". This forms the basis for a birth injury lawsuit.

A person who is legally responsible for injuring another person is liable to pay damages to the victim. This is to enable the injured person to get back to the position he/she was prior to the accident. For young children, this includes past and future medical expenses, suffering and pain, disfigurement and disability, loss of ability to lead a normal life and the loss of earnings in the future, depending on the injury suffered by them.

Product Liability

In personal injury law, the focus, in terms of product liability, is on defective and dangerous products. We represent plaintiffs in the Blue Water and St. Clair County area who want to fight cases against manufacturers or corporations for selling or having sold unsafe products to them. Products include the following:

  • Medical devices like Stryker Hip Implants
  • Prescription and non-prescription drugs and medicine
  • Machinery and tools
  • Food and tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Toxic substances and like pesticides, mold and asbestos
  • Automobile accessories like tires, airbags, child car seats and seat belts
  • Autos and/or other motor vehicles, including motorcycles and trucks
  • Household appliances and products
  • Recreational equipment and toys
  • Clothing and apparel

Premises Liability

If a person living on the property of another person or a visitor to the property meets with an accident in the premises and it can be proven that negligence on the part of the owner caused the injury, then he/she may be liable to pay damages, including money spent on medical bills, loss in earnings and compensation for pain, disfigurement, permanent physical disability or emotional distress suffered by the victim.

Injuries on properties are often caused by:

  • Slipping and falling
  • Dog bites/maulings
  • Exposure to hazardous or toxic substances like lead or mold
  • Drowning

In premises liability cases, plaintiffs have to prove that the cause of the injury is attributable to failure on the part of the owner to maintain the premises properly or creation of unsafe conditions by the property owner. The owner may have been aware of the unsafe condition, but would not have notified the tenants or visitors. Negligence on the part of the owner as regards unsafe conditions could also cause injuries to children and damages to properties in the neighborhood.

Workplace Accident Injuries

Safe workplace is the fundamental right of each and every worker in Michigan. If a person’s disastrous injury can be attributed to an unsafe workplace or the negligence of another person, then the victim may file a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit. This is to hold the wrongdoers liable for negligent or reckless behavior.

Frank Simasko, a personal injury attorney, knows very well that a workplace injury can have devastating effects on the victim as well as his/her family. Therefore, he will fight for the victim and recover due and fair compensation for the losses suffered. Compensation often includes expenses incurred on medical bills, past as well as future loss of wages and suffering and pain endured by the victim.

Professional Malpractice

According to the law, all practicing professionals are bound to abide by certain work standards. Any professional whose negligence or carelessness, during the course of his/her work, causes distress or injuries to another person, then the sufferer is eligible to seek financial restitution.

There are many different forms of professional liability. An example of professional liability would be a stock broker who is not properly trained causing financial loss for his/her clients. Another example would be flaws in the design of a structure by an architect resulting in financial losses to the client. Insurance brokers may also involve professional malpractice when they sell insurance to individuals who later on realize that they have not got what they have paid for.

Day Care Injury

Many children sustain injuries at day care centers. What legal options are available to parents under such circumstances? This is a common problem faced by parents.

Identifying a day care service provider is challenging task for parents. This is because there are hundreds of providers in St. Clair County and thousands in Michigan. Parents leave their children at a day care provider’s facility expecting the employees to ensure high level of supervision and care so that the children remain safe. However, children meet with accidents and suffer injuries because of negligence and carelessness on the part of people in charge of providing care or because of an unsafe environment. Day care injuries are often caused because of poor supervision as many day care centers are overcrowded and do not have sufficient staff members.

Elder Abuse

Simasko Law Office handles cases of families whose elderly members have been subjected to abuse and exploitation by children, spouses, family members, friends or healthcare professionals in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and home healthcare workers.

The US Administration defines elder abuse as a harm or serious risk of harm caused knowingly, intentionally or because of an act of negligence by a caregiver or others to a vulnerable elderly person. Elders from all walks of life, rich and poor are subjected to abuse. Simasko Law Office have come across elders who live in best nursing homes that have been subjected to abuse.

People who abuse elders are held accountable to send across a message that their negligent or reckless actions will neither go unnoticed nor unpunished.

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