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A St. Clair County Criminal Defense Lawyer who can defend your rights.

A plea agreement should never be accepted before attempting to suppress the evidence or trying to dismiss the charges through pre-trial practice and motions.

In St. Clair County, if you are convicted of a criminal offense, it can cause a great deal of problems. You can lose your credibility, career, family, job and freedom, among other things. It is, therefore, important to seek the advice of Frank Simasko, a criminal defense lawyer, to defend your rights. This is to say that it is essential to choose a reputable lawyer if you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor crime.

Studies show that people who are accused and convicted of committing a crime are often not the people who perpetrated the deed. This is because many people fail to seek the advice of a good criminal defense attorney. As imprisonment and fines slapped on you during sentencing can impact your life for several years, working with a professional criminal defense lawyer is of utmost importance to defend your case and protect your rights.

Simasko Law Office never takes your freedom for granted. We will start working diligently to build your defense for winning your case as soon as you hire us. We are aware of the efforts we will have to put in to obtain positive outcomes for you and attorney Frank Simasko would strive to prove your innocence in a professional manner.

What Can You Expect From Port Huron Criminal Defense Lawyer Frank Simasko?

Simasko Law Office in Port Huron knows what is at stake when your case is set for hearing. Each case is different, and we put in our best efforts to create the best outcomes.

Attorney Frank Simasko has the experience and expertise to guide you on the best options available to you in your case. Sometimes plea deal agreements are the best solutions possible, in certain criminal cases, to avoid a harsh sentence. We at Simasko Law Office never recommend accepting any kind of deals if you have not consulted and taken the advice of a competent criminal defense lawyer. Therefore, hiring the services of Simasko Law office to represent you in the court helps to avoid heartaches in the future.

With his expertise and several years of experience in the field Frank Simasko will ensure that you are treated in a fair and equal manner in the court. He will also guide you on what you can expect in the courtroom, what options are available to you and what options you must choose for best possible outcomes.

If you have been charged with a crime in Port Huron, St. Clair County or surrounding areas, you should know that you can rightfully hire the best criminal defense lawyer. Simasko Law Office believes in the rights and protections of individuals charged with a crime irrespective of where it happens.

We firmly believe in diligently defending the rights of our clients irrespective of the accusations leveled against them such as DUI, drug possession, theft/receipt of stolen goods, assault and battery or murder. Our priority will be to ensure your rights for a fair trial.

It is also our goal to free you of the charges by providing evidence. The prosecution will employ tactics and manipulate your actions and words to convince the court. We will provide guidance to you on what should say and what you should not say during court proceedings.

The professed mission of our law office in Port Huron is to prepare you to go through the procedures in the court without any problem and give you the confidence that you can win the case. We appreciate the fact that appearing in a court can be a frightful experience for you. You may not be aware of this, but we know that people present in the court tend to judge you by your words, appearance and actions.

We know that individuals are not charged with a crime right from the beginning. That is why you should hire our services if you want the best outcomes in your case. The earlier you hire our services to defend your rights, the better your chances are of getting the charges dropped.

Sometimes, you may only be investigated for an offense or a crime. However, it is important that you quickly find a reputable criminal lawyer in your own best interest. We will provide guidance on what you should say during interrogation. If you do not seek advice, you can get yourself into a difficult situation. This is yet another reason as to why you should hire us as soon as you are accused or charged of a crime.

You should avoid speaking to authorities if you have not obtained any legal advice. Further, you have the right to have the presence of a lawyer when you are being interrogated. Hiring Simasko Law Office to represent you is the first step you need to take for fighting and winning your case. As we have represented a number of clients charged with various crimes, we will be able to guide you through court proceedings without any hassles. Given below are a few cases that we have we have dealt with:

Drug Crimes

Our experience is that most people who are charged with drug crimes are those that are suffering from addiction to drugs. They need to be counseled and not given a jail term. Attorney Frank Simasko will defend you strongly whether you are accused of drug possession or trafficking.

Federal Crimes

If you are charged for violating a federal law, then your lawyer should have the experience and expertise to handle a federal prosecutor. Simasko Law Office will work with you until you get your freedom.

White Collar Crimes

Whether you are charged for embezzlement, securities, violation, fraud or tax evasion, attorney Frank Simasko will do what it takes to get you exonerated. You can trust Frank Simasko to obtain the best outcomes for you.

Sex Crimes

It is very unfortunate if you are charged with a sex related crime because the stigma can last beyond your jail term. Seeking our advice as early as you could prevent the inevitable from happening to you.

Simasko Law Office proudly serves criminal defense clients in Blue Water Area including Algonac, Marine City, Marysville, Memphis, Port Huron,  Richmond, St. Clair, Yale Capac, Emmett and surrounding communities.

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