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A St. Clair County Bankruptcy Lawyer who can help you understand complicated bankruptcy laws.

Debt is often very overwhelming. It is caused by various events. These may include: a poor economy, divorce, unexpected medical bills or student loans. Experiencing any of those issues will naturally cause one to want freedom from the crushing debt that they may bring. Bankruptcy attorney Frank Simasko will take your circumstances into consideration and can show you how bankruptcy is not the end. It is simply opening the doors to new beginnings.

Nobody wants to experience the worries and stress of too much bankruptcy or debt. It is a good idea to have support and guidance from a lawyer who has a considerable amount of knowledge and experience. Simasko Law Office offers not only experienced representation, but also quality advice. It does not matter if you need to file for bankruptcy, or if you need to negotiate with your debts. Frank Simasko is willing to listen to your circumstances and needs. He will tell you what your options are with thorough detail.  Simasko Law Office will always keep in contact with you from beginning to end and will stand by you during the entire bankruptcy process.  We are more than happy to help you find relief from your debts by utilizing the latest bankruptcy laws. Free case evaluations are also available and will allow you to make a well informed decision about your circumstances. Get in touch with us today!

Simasko Law Office can handle all aspects of a bankruptcy case. We are dedicated in assisting individuals in getting through their debt difficulties. It does not matter if you require a chapter 7 bankruptcy to remove unsecured credit card garnishments and bills, or if it is a chapter 13 bankruptcy to prevent the closing of your home. It may also save your car from repossession. Whatever the case, you can be sure that we have the expertise and experience to assist you.

We Can Assist You In Stopping:

  • Harassment from creditors
  • Repossession of your car
  • Garnishments
  • Foreclosure of your home
  • Utility Shut-Off

We Can Also Assist You With:

  • Reducing Payments on things such as: Child Support Obligations, Income Tax and Student Loans.
  • Removing your Second Mortgage and Modifications to Loans.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Port Huron and the Blue Water Area.

Consumer bankruptcy consists of two types that you might qualify for.  Chapter 7 is the first of these options. This chapter assists you in freeing yourself from debts quickly. You will be able to start fresh again within a matter of months. However, you will need to pass the means test. Passing this will prove you have disposable income much smaller than the state average.

The other option is Chapter 13. The means test is not a requirement. The United States Bankruptcy Code gives you and your creditors opportunity to develop a payment plan. Payments are required every three to five years. Once this has been done, your debts should be cleared.

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Nearly 100% of all bankruptcy circumstances can be resolved and you can finally find relief from your debt. The law firm or attorney that you use is the most important decisions you will have to make. You'll want to choose an attorney who can advice you on what Chapter will work best for you.  Port Huron bankruptcy attorney Frank Simasko has assisted many families and individuals to get their debt in order. He can also help you and guide you every step of the way.

Filing for bankruptcy is not always necessary. A simple consultation may be all that is required to get you back on track. However, there are times where there is no choice but to go with bankruptcy. Don't let feelings of failure or guilt prevent you from a new start. This could be the opportunity to recover and heal that you've been wanting.  St. Clair county based Simasko Law Office can assist with preventing unnecessary phone calls, garnishments or foreclosures.

Simasko Law Office proudly serves bankruptcy clients in Blue Water Area including Algonac, Marine City, Marysville, Memphis, Port Huron,  Richmond, St. Clair, Yale Capac, Emmett and surrounding communities.


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