Port Huron DUI/DWLR Attorney

A St. Clair County DUI Lawyer who can increase your chances of challenging a DUI/DWI successfully

Do you live in and around Blue Water area or St. Clair County? Have you ever been charged for drinking and driving? If yes, you need to seek the advice of a skilled DUI lawyer to reduce the impact of a DUI/DWI charge on your life.

Consequences are pretty serious, if you get arrested for drunk driving. A DUI/DWI or a DWAI charge can result in you spending time in the jail, revocation or suspension of your driver’s license, payment of hefty fines, going for alcohol screening and undergoing courses. In addition, it can affect your current job as well as future career prospects and even raise insurance premiums payable by you.

However, a DUI/DWI or DWLR charge need not necessarily result in conviction and cancellation of your driver's license. The onus of proving the charge is on the State and you can challenge the accusation as well as contest the suspension of your driver’s license in the court. For this purpose, you need to hire the services of a skilled DUI attorney who can help you to defend your rights and the charges leveled against you. This in turn reduces the impact of the DUI conviction on your life.

DUI/DWI Criminal Defense

If you are charged with drunk driving, you must consult with an attorney as soon as possible. This is because it is important to raise certain defenses at the earliest. If you do not do that, you may not be able to use those defenses later on. Therefore, the sooner you consult with us, the better for you because Frank Simasko, DUI attorney, can start his work to preserve your rights.

Apart from striving to help you maintain your driver’s license, Frank Simasko will strongly defend the charges leveled against you. He will evaluate the facts of your criminal DUI case in a thorough manner and prepare a defense accordingly.

Port Huron DUI Attorney

Many people want to know if they stand a chance of beating a DUI/DWI charge. As each DUI/DWI charge is different, the strength of a case will depend to a great extent on specific facts related to the case. Nevertheless, hiring the services of a DUI attorney with sufficient experience in dealing with such cases increases your chances of challenging a DUI/DWI successfully.

Frank Simasko, a DUI attorney, is committed to defending DUI arrests. He is involved personally in each case to ensure the best outcomes. When representing you in a DUI case, he will analyze all the police reports thoroughly to find out if the administration of the sobriety exercises was proper, the breath test was carried out in the right manner, and if drugs are involved, whether the DRE officer followed the training. He will also analyze the evidences presented by the State against you in order to defend your case in the best possible manner. If it is possible to file a Motion to Suppress, then the same will be filed. If the case demands a trial by a jury or judge, it will be organized. He will go to any extent and make sure that your case is given due attention and respect.

Under certain circumstances, some defenses entitle you to suppress evidence, dismiss charges, or reduce penalty. Sometimes, the offense may not be sufficient for the police to stop your vehicle or ask you to take BAC test. At other times, there may be errors in the BAC testing procedure. Some other times, you may be able to present credible witnesses who can vouch for the fact that you were not drunk. Therefore, consulting with a DUI attorney who has the experience and expertise to handle such cases is of utmost importance.

If the charge leveled against you is Aggravated DWI or if DUI/DWI convictions are already there on your record, you must seek legal advice from an experienced criminal lawyer.

You should not take DUI charges lightly and you should work with a criminal defense lawyer who is capable of dealing with DUI/DWI convictions. Frank Simasko has successfully helped drivers get charges against them dismissed. Though prior result does not guarantee successful outcomes every time, Simasko Law Office will proactively fight your case.

Simasko Law Office proudly serves DUI/DWLR clients in Blue Water Area including Algonac, Marine City, Marysville, Memphis, Port Huron,  Richmond, St. Clair, Yale Capac, Emmett and surrounding communities.